mandag 2. april 2012

1940-census online - do you have some extra time?

Today (April 2nd 2012) NARA released the digital images of the 1940 Unites States Federal Census.

The census-forms can be found here: 
(easier to see than in my blogpost the other day)

And here you can see the questions:

Even though the 1940 census images are released, they are not all uploaded yet. I saw today that Delaware, Virginia, Rhode Island and a couple of other states have been uploaded.

Here you can read how to find your family in the census (because it is not yet indexed).

1940 census asked us to: Share this infographic (and so I have now done :)

The census images will be uploaded and made available on (has been selected by National Archives to host the 1940-census),, and for free for everyone to use.

To get this searchable for free, they need volunteers. Do you have some extra time? I am sure they need all the help they can get. If you only have time for a couple sheets, I am sure they need your help! And I know that they already have contacted the genealogical societies in the US to get volunteers from each area, to get people with local knowledge to work on the indexing.

Read here to get information on how to volunteer!

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